Dirty Laundry

June 5, 2016

Photos by Henry Young
I'm Wearing
Sweater c/o Altru Apparel
Shoes c/o Thursday Boot Co.
Glasses Ray-Ban
Watch c/o MVMT Watches
Cuff c/o Craig Hill

It's laundry time! There's times were I begin to think about how I used to act in public when I began shooting with Henry around San Diego just over a year ago. I was pretty shy, nervous, and I didn't know how to act in front of the camera. Over time my confidence grew more and more and I gotta say that I don't mind what people think of me anymore.

I strive to make each photo session better than the next previous one: I brainstorm on where to shoot and what outfits to take along. For the longest time I've been wanting to shoot in random and quirky places, such as the laundromat. I saw the perfect laundromat in Coronado, and I knew I had to stop there and shoot one look.

I'm glad I had the perfect outfit to rock next to the washers and dryers; Altru Apparel reached out few months ago and sent me the biggest care package ever...and they hand-selected this sweater for me to wear. I was happy for them to do such a thing, because this sweater is by far my favorite piece from their care package (funny thing is that I personally selected all the other items.) I dig the color, the material, and Spilsbury's running thumbprint! 

This outfit wouldn't be complete without this sick pair of boots provided by Thursday Boot Co. and this pair of flex skinny jeans by American Eagle. Whoa, can't forget about the accessories: watch by MVMT Watches + the cuff I wear almost every single day by Craig Hill (see the links above to shop the look!)

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Happy Sunday,


  1. great shoot! Love the concept of shooting at a laundromat!

  2. Hey! That sweater worked out great! We created a discount code till the end of the week to get the sweater at 50% off. The code for the sweater is "casualboardwalk50" Sick post!



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