Ice Cream Metamorphosis

June 21, 2016

Photos by Henry Young
I'm Wearing



Is it me or SoCal's getting a tad bit warm? Well, happy Summer, haha! I feel that I'm going through some form of metamorphosis or evolution; I go back on my old blog posts and Instagram pics and I see how much my style has changed, I even kind of dyed my hair!!!

Change is good; things never stay the same and we must learn to adapt to whatever comes our way. With that being said, I feel that as both my blog and brand continue to grow I personally am also growing along with them. In my past couple of shoots I began to use random locations to shoot to show another side of me, the side that can find beauty and any sort of interest in just about any place (such as the laundromat).

I love coming down to Moo Time Creamery to snag a waffle cone filled with chocolate chip ice cream or a vanilla shake. This cool little shop has that retro vibe that makes me wish I could live in the 60's. This place was the IDEAL place to shoot my new Souvenir Jacket that I scored from Asos and of course use my Creative Recreation Kicks in a different setting. Oh yeah, lately I've been wearing cuffs and bracelets nonstop, three our four of them at the same time...Thanks Tevin Vincent and Craig Hill for sending some my way!

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