More Than "Just Water"

May 31, 2016

Photos by Henry Young

Think about this; where did the last bottled water you had came from, and where will it end after you're done consuming it? Many of us don't think about this two simple questions, and we SHOULD ask ourselves these questions whenever we buy bottled water. Today's companies manufacture the traditional plastic bottles out of new material, and sadly about 23% of them are recycled for future use. 

JUST Goods strives to create eco-friendly and innovative products that are better for ourselves and our planet - JUST water happens to be the very first product produced by the brand. JUST water has changed the bottled water game in more ways than we can imagine! 

JUST water comes from 100% spring water sourced from the Adirondack Mountains, a location where water is abundant. A unique trade partnership with the local community of Glens Falls, NY is helping to upgrade aging infrastructures, restore industry, provide jobs (awesome!), and protect the watershed. This refreshing water is bottled in a paper-based bottle made out of 82% renewable sources that can be regrown. which pretty much means that it is responsibly produced and packaged for improved environmental and community impact.

One thing that definitely stood out from the brand is that they strongly encourage for us to use tap water whenever possible. That itself shows how the brand cares for the environment! We all know that sometimes it might not be possible, so sipping on a bottle of JUST water will be your second-best option, (rather than drinking out of those pesky plastic bottles).

I usually stock up on a few dozen boxes of water to have sip around my office and to offer to my guest when they come over my place. One thing I like about the bottle is that it really keeps water a such a great temperature, and if you're in the mood for ice-cold water you can then stick it inside your fridge and the temperature REALLY does go down in just a few short minutes! 

Next time you decide to buy bottled-water, make the right decision and buy from a brand that cares for the environment and uses renewable resources. Get your fix of JUST water in major stores across the US and Canada! Click here to find a retailer near you.

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*This post have been posted in partnership with JUST Goods, Inc.



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