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May 2, 2016

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Photos by Henry Young
As my schedule begins to get a little bit more hectic, i seem to take all my essentials inside my messenger bag. I'm not picky on what brand I carry, all I care is that my bags are made out of leather, they have multiple pockets, and I can stuff in my laptop and my daily essentials.

I was super excited when the folks at Ruitertassen Bags sent me over this messenger/briefcase. The strap is removable, so I can rock it with one hand as a briefcase. What's really dope is the fact that the bag is made out of 100% leather and it has multiple compartments for days! Bible, I can fit my MacBook, my small HP Laptop (for work), my earphones, some of my meds, and my glasses...and there's still room for a few more things.

The bag pretty much goes with any outfit, I love how it pops out from my outfit curated by ASOS. Did you guys see the Chunky Sole Faux Suede Shoes? They're comfy as heck and they look retro!

Make sure to check out Ruitertassen Bags and their entire collection, I'm confident you'll find a bag that'll fit your needs.

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