9 to 5 Vibes

April 27, 2016

I'm Wearing

Photos by Henry Young
Let's face it, most of us go through the "9 to 5" syndrome. As if commuting to and from work isn't enough to add to our working hours, most of us have errands to complete after work...or we go to school, or maybe we even plan to meet up with our significant other somewhere around town to grab dinner.

When I go to work, I like to dress in something that looks great around the office AND looks great for my next activity. I like to dress my looks around my messenger bags/totes, that way I can carry 'em with me wherever I go all day long. What I like about this outfit is that you can drop the tie, or drop the jacket, and you end up with a completely different look. For example (and I've done this), if I need to hit the mall or go grocery shopping (ugh) I can drop the tie and have more of a "laid-back" look. 

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Special thanks to Nordstrom for gifting me this sick Ferragamo Belt, Banana Republic for the Chukka Boots, and Lord Wallington for the Plaid Tie.



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