Time by Original Grain

September 18, 2015

Photos by Henry Young

Time can go by faster when your watch is dapper. Personally, I enjoy hunting unique and exciting pieces of clothing and accessories and incorporate them into my wardrobe. Sure, I'm not opposed to the classics (such as a pair of wingtips or a plain white tee), but adding items into your closet that are one-of-a-kind can definitely spice up your style.

Original Grain is by far a watch brand to shop for and to collect. OG (even the initials sound dapper right?) has a wide variety of watches made out of steel along with different types of wood. The wood can be found on the watches face, and thought the band. 

I gotta say, this combination of steel and wood is pretty sick and pretty unique! The multiple color tones AND materials can easily compliment any outfit for any occasion. Pictured, the Rosewood Watch goes great with this casual outfit consisting of dark colors. The watch adds a killer POP of color, making it the focal piece of your entire 'fit. 

Make sure to check Original Grain by clicking here: you'll be blown away by all their models!

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