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September 7, 2015

Music: it's around me all day, all night. For me, it helps make time fly by faster, it gets me into a good mood, and gets me motivated. Being said, I decided to create a new "feature" on my blog, Music Monday's

Each Monday, I will throw in a list of some of the songs played on my iPhone: new songs, old songs, songs in English, songs in Spanish, I even have some in Korean (long story...) 

This week's playlist has no specific theme, but I will try and make a theme out of each week going forward. 

So in no particular order, here we go:

Rob Thomas - Trust You
This song has a pretty catchy beat and the chorus is on point!

 Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams
When Taylor's 1989 album came out, I ordered it for Esmirna through Amazon. Next thing you know I found myself digging the album. When I first heard this song it became one of my favorites from the album due to it's calm beat and message. I'm glad Taylor released this as her fifth single. 

Sugarcult - Los Angeles
Other than the fact that the song is perfect to play with your windows down (while you nod your head), I like the message: sometimes you just wanna escape from your reality and go somewhere else to start all new.

 The 1975 - Chocolate

 La Ley - AquĆ­
I've been a fan of La Ley for years, and this song might be old, but its an awesome classic. 

 Young Empires - The Gates
I bumped into this song through Apple Music, and I'm starting to play it more and more. 

The Weeknd (ft. Lana Del Rey) - Prisioner
The Weeknd has some pretty sick songs: his lyrics are always on point and he has a pretty sick voice. This song featuring Lana Del Rey? Gold!

Cold War Kids - Something Is Not Right With Me
The one song that I play at LEAST once a week, something is not right with me, but who gives a fudge. Vocals, bass, and drums are on point.

Let me know what you guys think of this new "feature" and make sure to check me out through Instagram @thecasualboardwalk.

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