A Spontaneous Summer Ft. Banana Republic

August 13, 2018

Photos by Esmirna Tapia

Summer brings a "go with the flow" vibe; its the perfect time to not overthink things and to be spontaneous. Plan a trip, ask a girl/guy out on a date, pick up a new hobby...whatever it is just do it! About two months ago, I planned a last-minute vacation to Maui for my mom, my wife, and yours probably was one of the most spontaneous things that I've done this year alone, and I'm glad I did because we spent a week in Maui and we all had a great time!
For this post I've partnered with Banana Republic to bring a laid-back outfit perfect for this season. For years, I've been a big fan of Banana's jeans, and these Rapid Movement Jeans are one of my faves due to its color, style, and comfort. I love the versatility of Banana Republic's jeans, mainly due to the fact that their quality in design allows you to dress these as casual or a formal as you want, without it looking too basic. 
I got my hands on this killer knitted jacket, and I love the two-tone look; it can easily be combined with both neutral and vibrant colors. This jacket is somewhat lightweight; so it should keep you pretty cozy during the evening. Before shooting this I went to the mall, I had lunch outside with my wife, and I even ran a few errands all while staying nice and fresh. The best part; you can easily transition this outfit along with your Fall and even Winter wardrobe!
What are some of your favorite Summer pieces that you KNOW you'll wear during the Fall? Leave a comment below or check out my Instagram @alexsalcedo and let me know!


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