I Got Issues

November 3, 2017

Photos by Henry Young

I'm Wearing:

One of the best parts of traveling to NYC is having the chance to plan outfits and "themes" around it; I grab inspiration from everyday events or from things from my past. Two months ago I went to NYC for 24 hrs, and I wanted to make sure I got the chance to shoot a very 90's-inspired outfit at a magazine stand. I'm so glad with the end product!

The 90's are so very much back; striped shirts, straight-fitted jeans, and tucked in tees are some of my favorite things from fashion in the 90s and I'm glad they are making comeback. Remi Relief Japan has the perfect tees inspired by the 90's which include graphic tees in a vintage wash and of course, striped tees!

From decade to decade, Levi's remains in style...and I love that I used the straight-fitted jeans with this look. 

A Walkman and a film camera are the finishing touches to a 90's inspired outfit. I went on eBay and tracked down this Kodak camera; my parents had it in their household in 1996 and we probably used it for about five years (oh and it was part of a limited edition collection for the '96 Olympics)!

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  1. I love the 90s! I am so happy the fashion choices we made yesterday seem relevant and just as stylish today.

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