Alex Goes Back to High School, Part 1: Bleachin'

June 21, 2018

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Photos by Angel Esparza
Hold on to your iPods, Sidekicks, and Ed Hardy Trucker hats...because I am taking you back on a journey to the year 2008!
Yes, it's been ten years since I graduated from Calexico High School...seriously, WTH?! I can't believe ten years have gone by soooo quickly. Earlier this year I was going through some form of crisis; feeling nolstagic af and reminiscing on those days were I didn't have to worry about real life problems such as paying rent or making sure to pay my health insurance premiums on time. Instagram and #selfies were not a thing, and Amazon = the rain forest and not "Free 2-Day Delivery".
I must admit; even though I played zero sports and was not part of any club, I had such a blast in school! I had killer grades and a GPA of 3.5, I met my best friend/best man/brother for life in biology, I made awesome friendships, and I began dating someone that was a year younger than me. Of course that relationship became toxic in late-2008, but who gives a damn?
For me, cliques were overrated; I talked to EVERYONE in school, I can honestly say that I had zero enemies. I talked to everyone about different topics, and I said "hi" to everyone while we walked around campus to get to our next class.
After school activities were the best; I practically visited the mall (the ONLY one we had back in the day) at LEAST once a week, American Eagle Outfitters was like my church; it was my EVERYTHING. I started selling stuff on eBay when I was 11, and I did a decent amount of money each week! By the time I was 15, I hustled so hard that I save up my $$$ to then do some serious damage at American Eagle. I swear the store associates knew me so well, and they probably thought mommy and daddy paid for my stuff...nah, I wasn't THAT lucky/blessed!

I should add that I STILL have a bunch of tees, jackets, and acessories from AE that I purchased as early as 2006. Call me a hoarder; but I just find it so hard to get rid of my clothes! I feel like clothing tends to say and hold a story; I remember what I wore the first time I met Esmirna, or the tee I wore for my first day in school as a Freshman...I still have all of these hanging in my closet!

Believe it or not; this jacket, shirt, beanie, and necklace are all from AE from back in the day.
With that being said...welcome to 2008! During the next few days you'll see blog posts and photos on Instagram showcasing outfits from back in the day. I REALLY hope you guys enjoy this series and you get the chance to learn a bit more about me.

...and seriously...I hope everyone enjoys it because let me tell you that I shot this a few weeks ago, it was 113 degrees outside and I almost had a heat stroke. Thank you so much Esmirna for helping me with this shoot and Angel thanks for taking these incredibly awesome photos. You brought my vision to life :')

:) <3 U.U
(2008 "emojis", LOL)

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