The Smart Gift for Father's Day

May 25, 2018

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Guys, mark your Calendars because Father’s Day is coming up on June 17! This year I wanted to share with you all my Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch which I KNOW it is the perfect gift for ANY dad.

The Diesel On Smartwatch is really the perfect gift for any dad of any age, background, or lifestyle. One thing I love about this gem is the ability it offers to change the watch to fit any style. It takes about ten seconds to change the watches straps, and you can download and customize dozens of different faces. Overall it’s so cool how one watch can have more than two faces (pun intended)!

Let’s dive into the technology and its features: The Diesel Smartwatch offers a full touchscreen display that allows you to track your daily steps and total calories burned through the day/week (I use MY Diesel Smartwatch to track my steps and I’m always pushing myself to walk a few more than the previous day). There’s literally no need for your dad to take out his cell phone every time his phone makes a sound; you can get all notifications such as calls, text messages, activities and alerts sent straight to your watch…so now dad can easily set up an alert to remind him of the next soccer match or football game coming up on TV.

This bad boy charges up pretty fast, and one charge lasts up to 24 hours! One of my favorite features is the fact that the watch is both splash and dust resistant, so if your dad likes to get crafty around the house he won’t have to worry taking off his Diesel Smartwatch.

Don’t wait ‘till the last minute, make sure to get dad a DieselOn Smartwatch by clicking here!



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