Meet Me at Ritz Diner

May 8, 2017

I'm Wearing:

Photos by Henry Young

My next trip to NYC is in less than 60 days! Time to scout locations for photoshoots!

I'm so upset that it took me a few months to post these photos...unfortunately I had soooo many other posts and campaigns to get out of the way. I had planned this entire outfit and location to shoot while I was out in NYC; I wanted to shoot inside a diner! We were lucky enough to have stayed in a place that had a diner that was literally 30 seconds away from us. 

Asking permission to shoot inside was a bit awkward, but to be honest after shooting out in public after nearly three get used to people staring at you, to the point that you even forget that they're there. 

I'm so glad with how these photos turned out! The Ritz Diner had the perfect vibe that I was looking for, and the food was pretty good too. I decided to keep the outfit nice and clean with an iconic leather moto jacket along with a red ringer tee. Rather than pairing it with jeans...I decided to amp my outfit up with a pair of check print trousers, a pair of leather boots, and a cool pair of yellow socks.

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Happy Lunes!



  1. Can't believe this jacket! I love it man, thanks for sharing it.

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