Café Bustelo’s “El Café del Futuro” Scholarship

April 20, 2017

Photos by Jordan Calderon 

I am so proud and beyond excited to have partnered up with Café Bustelo and “El Café del Futuro” scholarship program. Café Bustelo has partnered up with HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities) to provide a scholarship to any students of Hispanic descent living in the United States! 

Both my parents, (along with my sister) emigrated from Mexico into the United States just a few months before I was born. Both my mom and dad wanted to pursue the American Dream; finish a degree in the United States, buy a house, and be able to provide a bright future for the family.

I wish I could say that both my parents pushed me into getting good grades; oddly that wasn’t the case around my household. My mom was working as a student aide during the day, substitute teacher on random days, and in the evenings she was working towards a teaching degree at San Diego State University. My dad worked long hours as an administrator at our local community college, and he was also taking a few classes each semester. My parent’s time was extremely limited, so homework checks or getting ready for school the next day was pretty much all up to me. 

I don’t ever feel a sense of anger or resentment towards my parents; they were absent much of the time because they were working so hard to be able to provide shelter, food, and the basic necessities to live. Seeing both of my parents working hard towards bettering our lives was just the push I needed to do well in school, stay out of trouble, and pursuit a college degree. At a very young age I realized that I was not born into a family that could provide me with everything that I would ever want or desire; and that my decisions and self-commitment to strive in school would ultimately shape my future. Both my parents did so much for me, I knew that one day I would have to return the favor and take care of them like they did for me. 

Going to college, and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics from Grand Canyon University was by far one of the best decisions that I could take to shape my future. Now that I am slowly transitioning into a full-time blogger, I come to understand the importance of attending college. College gave me the tools, along with a huge sense of confidence to tackle any of my dreams and goals. All those semesters spent in classes focusing on Excel, Statistics, and Finances really paid off…and they’ve been PRETTY useful to say the least!

Should the future decide to throw a curveball at me, I have a degree to fall back on. Nothing can ever wipe away the hard work I put into graduating college and earning my degree.

With that being said, I encourage my Hispanic readers to apply for this amazing scholarship sponsored by Café Bustelo along with HACU.

Here’s how to enter:

In an essay, describe how your Hispanic/Latino heritage, family and the community in which you grew up has motivated you to obtain a college degree and how you plan to give back to your community. 

The deadline to enter is May 26, 2017; so make sure you take some time to reflect on your goals driving you to pursuit a college degree! 

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