Napa For The Weekend

November 8, 2015

 All photos shot with an iPhone 6s, and edited through VSCO.

So while everyone spent their Halloween weekend in rad costumes and parties,
 I spent my weekend treating myself to some R&R in Napa.

   I took a late flight from San Diego to Sacramento on a a late Wednesday night. As soon as I step outside the Sacramento Airport I was dying cause it was cold as hell! I got into my rental car and drove all the way to Fairfield. By midnight I was checking into my suite, I was more tired than hungry so I put on my PJ's and went straight to bed. 

   Part of Thursday and Friday was spent on business meetings throughout Fairfield and Napa. As soon as my last meeting wrapped, I headed back to Sacramento and checked into yet another hotel room. As I waited for Esmirna's flight to arrive later at night, I jumped in bed and watched Breaking Dawn: Part II. (I totally forgot how Kristen Stewart never seems to crack a smile.) Fast forward to a few hours, I picked up Esmirna from the airport and we drove around to find the nearest fast food joint. 

   Saturday morning, we jumped out of bed (yes, like that one song "Rude") and we drove down to Napa. We made our way to Downtown Napa to explore around restaurants and small businesses. If you're a big fan of breakfast then I recommend visiting Napkins Bar & Grill; their omelets are the bomb! 

   An obligatory stop to a vineyard was in our itinerary, so we stopped by the popular Judd's Hill Winery. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of drinking, but I wanted to give myself the chance to taste fine wine! I had the chance of tasting around 6 different types of wines, get educated on how each of them was made & what meal(s) go better with each wine for $25. We walked through the place and I felt in love with the never-ending vineyard, and I of course stopped along the way to snap a photo or two.

   The most exciting part of the trip came up: checking in at the Meritage Resort & Spa. The Meritage IS the place to stay when you visit Napa: you get to experience breathtaking views of their pool and/or vineyard, and enjoy all the amenities of the Napa lifestyle within feet away from your suite. We walked around the Heritage's vineyard, pool, and recreation areas. after a few hours, we headed back into the room and took our sweet time to enjoy our suite; which included a king-size bed, an enormous bathroom, every TV channel you could imagine of, and room service at your fingertips to bring you anything you were craving. 

   On our last day in the Bay Area, not only did we sleep an extra hour (thanks to Daylight Savings Time ending), but we ordered a lavish breakfast in bed. After an hour of eating + snapchatting the crap out of our food + snapping photos for Instagram, we got ready, checked out, and drove back toward Sacramento.

   I had NO intention of doing any sort of shopping, but as we drove by Vacaville we saw a sign for the Vacaville Premium Outlet. This, by far, is the best outlet I've been too, (sorry Oahu, you've bene demoted to #2). The outlet includes store like 7 for All Mankind, PacSun, Abercrombie and Fitch (yes, it WAS an outlet), and Gucci (yes, an outlet too!) Unfortunately I was not able to score anything at Gucci (everything on the floor seemed like stuff from their 2013-2014 collections), but I did score big at the other stores. Esmirna and I had no more room in our luggage so we stopped by Costco to buy a suitcase!

   We returned to Sacramento, flew back to San Diego, it was too foggy to land IN San Diego, so they decided to fly us to Las Vegas. I was beyond pissed but there's not much you can do when a little fog blocks the airport's runways. Upon arriving to Sin City (more like "Lame City), we got our tickets booked to fly back home at 8:00 AM, and we spent the night at The Luxor. I didn't even get to enjoy Vegas, but at least I made it back home safe the next morning. 

Here's a few photos of our trip in Napa, enjoy!

Quite a nice view of the resort's vineyard, and pool area!

 A shot from outside our room

 Wine and robes = a cozy and welcoming stay at the Meritage

 That bed tho, (I miss those pillows!)

 Coffee and Pancakes anyone?

Bathroom goals

A view of the second pool, loving the color scheme!

 Some delicious wine from Judd's Hill

My attempt at taking a "connecting with nature" photo 

 Vineyards Baby!

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