Black and White

November 19, 2015



   Photos by Henry Young
A hat for you and a hat for me. Getting accustomed to the new normal of spending winters in San Diego means that I can experiment with my wardrobe. Sometimes its a hit or miss: I might dress all nice and dandy, but then the weather is ridiculously unbearable and I end of striping some layers away.

* * *

I've been experimenting with accessories, one of them being hats. I got this hat from Forever 21 and I enjoy the fact  it ain't too big nor too small. Dress it with a black jacket and some chinos and your ready to hit the street. Keep it casual? throw in some sneakers. Keep it dapper? Update to some dress shoes, (maybe something in brown to break away from the black and white?)

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Hasta pronto,

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  1. What a great leather jacket! A really classical look I enjoy!



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