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October 15, 2015

Photos by Henry Young (using an iPhone 6s)

Who said you need an expensive camera to take killer photos? Typically, I shoot around six to 8 looks during a session with Henry. On our last look, Henry had the idea of doing a shoot with an iPhone. I've had the new iPhone 6s for about three weeks now and haven't really played with the camera. Being said, Henry put away his uber-expensive Nikon Camera and I gave him my iPhone to start shooting.

What better way to show you guys how awesome the iPhone shoots than to sport around these Spy Optic "Alcatraz" (shop here) sunglasses. The folks at Spy hooked me up with this pair and I knew I needed to get some killer photos out of 'em. With SPY being based in Carlsbad (a few minutes from San Diego), along with the brand's audience, you can expect awesome shots by the beach. That's when I decided that I wanted to take a different direction and shoot these bad boys in Old Town San Diego.  

The photos came out way better than I expected! I did use a little help of VSCO to edit the photos, but not as much as I would use to edit them with the iPhone 6. With the 6s, you obtain sharp, crisp, and colorful photos. Using a BIT of the filters from VSCO gives you the chance to bring all of the mentioned features to life. 

See the photo above (doesn't the skull look gnarly?), I used the C3 filter and cranked it all the way to number 4 (since you can adjust from 1 to 12). To get the same quality with the previous iPhone I probably would need to go all the way to filter 12 to kind of get the same result as the one shot with the 6s.

TGIT (thank God it's Thursday 'cause tomorrow's Friday!),


Used the C1 filter through VSCO

Used just a tad bit of the A6 filter through VSCO

Again, a bit of the A6 filter

I only took a bit off the brightness using iPhone's photo editor and look how crisp the background looks!

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