Autumn Blues

October 20, 2015

Photos by Esmirna Tapia

Accessories c/o Sprezzabox
Blazer H&M
Shirt Calvin Klein
Pants Topman
Shoes Paul Drish

Well, "orange" you glad to see a full look of this month's Sprezzabox? Ok, I probably killed that joke by now, but you should be happy to see this post featuring the GROVE BOX.

Ok, this is hard for me to confess...I hate the color orange. If you go through my posts or Instagram feed, I don't wear anything that's orange. Finding out I received a pair of orange polka-dotted socks along with an orange tie was not my cup of tea. I mean, how do you even combine such color? 

This is why I love Sprezzabox; you get a curated box of goodies that might be out of your comfort zone. So after I finished packing for my trip to Vegas, I sat in my office trying to think how to style this box. It then hit me: BLUE! I probably wear blue 99.9% of the time, so why not dress with blue garments and have the accessories balance and contrast my outfit? I gotta say, I ended up liking the end product...and I'm happy to report that Sprezzabox has helped me begin a beautiful friendship with the color orange. (Hopefully they don't send me cheeseburgers in next month's box, cause God knows how much I detest them, lol). 

Overall, I am satisfied with this month's box:

  • The pocket square by was a nice twist and break from traditional prints
  • The Sprezza pin goes with just about ANY outfit; jackets (leather & denim), blazers...
  • The Weekend Casual Tie has a playful pattern and the color is of course perfect for fall
  • Socks by Sprezza are bold: I could pretty much picture myself wearing these with sneakers and dressier shoes



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