Hudson Rain

July 19, 2015



Photos by Esmirna Tapia

...and it wouldn't stop raining all weekend, so we decided to shoot in the rain. This weekend I was all geared up and ready to shoot this month's Sprezzabox: until it began raining nonstop.

I decided to wait until Sunday to see if the sky cleared up; to my luck, it did not! I had waited all week to shoot this look and I wanted to show you guys this month's Sprezzabox so I decided to step outside the box and shoot in the rain, (pardon, my blazer is all wet!)

Sprezzabox announced that the July box would be their best one yet, and that was exactly the case! A shiny, red box came in the mail and I was excited to see its contents. As I opened it, I was floored when I saw a pouch with an Arvo Watch inside. It's other contents include a pocket square from Grunion Run, a pair of polka dot socks from Jimmy Lion, a money clip by Dappered Man, and a tin container of balm from Nova Scotia. 

These items are perfect for Summer; each item is a detail piece that is perfect to step up your wardrobe game. Everything seems "lightweight" to me, meaning the money clip sets you free from your wallet, and both the pocket square and socks are perfect for any occasion. 

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Happy Lunes,


  1. You always seem to have the good finds when it comes to H&M blazers; one of the best places for blazers on a budget. Love the play on polka dots here!


    1. Thank you for the love! I gotta say I'm a big fan of bargain blazers; when I'm not hitting Topman or those designer pieces at Nordstrom I like to hit H&M and Forever 21.



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