Using Your Button-Down Shirt Multiple Ways

January 13, 2015

Tee Asos | Shirt American Eagle Jeans 7 for all Mankind | Shoes Lacoste Sunglasses Ray-Ban

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If you take a peek of my closet (currently, closets since I have a full closet waiting for me in Arizona, some clothing at my mom's house, AND some clothing in San Diego) you will be surprised to see the number of long-sleeved shirts I owe. Don't judge me, I simply love how you can wear this multiple ways and make a statement for your outfit. I recently scored this plaid shirt at a secondhand store (Savers) and I've been wearing it for multiple ways. 

1. The "Windbreaker"
   When the weather's in the 70's, you can use a long-sleeved shirt to break the cold away. 

2. The "Layering" Piece
  Forget necklaces or scarves, throw a long-sleeved shirt and fold your sleeves to serve as your accessory or color block piece. 

3. Taking it "Laid Back"
  Wrap your favorite button-down piece around your waist, resulting in an extreme laid-back look. (Warning, a laid-back look may result in pure awesomeness.)

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Have an awesome week!
- Alex

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