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November 26, 2014


Jeans American Eagle | Shirt H&M | Denim Jacket 21 Men Shoes Creative Recreation | Sunglasses Ray Ban
Photos by Esmirna Tapia from

   I'm excited that it's finally Wednesday, because I get to take the rest of the week of and head over to the Grand Canyon! It's hard to believe that I've lived in Arizona for over four years and I have not made one trip up north. I'm excited to be driving somewere else other than California (I know, weird.) Living in the desert means waking up to cold mornings and wonder around in warm afternoons. I enjoy wearing a denim jacket because they are lightweight and breathable. This attire would not be complete with some skinny jeans from American Eagle and a casual shirt from H&M. The finishing touch, these awesome new shoes I got from Creative Recreation; they are slick, comfortable and can be used to dress any casual or semi-casual outfit without looking too laid back.
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Happy Thanksgiving!


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