Abandoned Views

November 18, 2014

Tee Asos
Jeans  Levi's
Sweater | Band of Outsiders
Dress Shoes  Stacy Adams
Sunglasses  Ray Ban
Beanie  H&M

Photos by Esmirna Tapia from

Finding the perfect location to shoot in Calexico has become somewhat difficult; I feel like I've shot every possible place! Until…we were driving by Downtown Calexico and ran across this abandoned Hotel, "Villa Sur." I remember as a kid walking through this place with my grandma (since I lived nearby) and it was vibrant, had a neat pool and had a retro feel to it.

Currently the building is abandoned, it seems that they might be working on it but there is no sign of a soul wondering around this place. The cool retro feel was perfect for a laid-back outfit. It's beginning to get cold in California/Arizona, perfect to be out with a thin cardigan. For those bad hair days, a color-blocking beanie does wonders.

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