"Shoe" gotta be kidding me

June 20, 2014

You may ask yourself, what do all these pair of shoes have in common? 

Well, for starters…they're all black (duh), but the main reason for this post is to showcase an awesome way of finding shoes and never paying full retail price!

I like to collect shoes, but I HATE to pay full price for them. Honestly, I never pay full price for my shoes. I shop smart and look for deals wether it's online or thrift shops.

Steve Madden Leather Shoes

MSRP $98-$115
Scored at Goodwill for $7.99

A bit of shoe shine and some grease, oh and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean the bottom white portion (works wonders!) and these puppies are like new!

My all-time favorite find…

Salvatore Ferragamo Rain Lux Leather Shoes

MSRP $520 through Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordtrom

Scored at Nordstrom Last Chance for $99.99!

Shoes were literally brand new, no scratches, no nothing!

Converse Leather Sneakers

MSRP $68

Through eBay $30.00

You can always keep an eye for a specific type of shoe you want through discount sites like eBay or Amazon…Someone might be wanting to get rid of them and most of the time they will be willing to lower their price by 30 to 60 percent.

So point of this story (for me) is that I cut back on shoes and try to find the best deal out there so I can splurge on other things..such as airline tickets to travel to San Diego and visit my wife…(which I'm actually doing right now…greetings from the sky!!!)

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  1. Oye pues has cazado muy buenas ofertas eh! Yo soy igual que tĂș con los zapatos siempre siempre me espero un rato porque veo que bajan mucho de precio!


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