June 24, 2014

Changes have been coming into my life from all directions, from living alone for over a month, to traveling to California EVERY weekend…. It's so much for me to keep up with!

I wish I had more time to dedicate to my blog. I am scouting Payroll opportunities in San Diego and I hope I land the perfect opportunity of being offered a job with good pay so I can pack up my stuff and move out of Arizona.

Of course being close to my wife would mean being able to spend more time with her, my family and my blog. So excuse me while I'm a bit MIA…I promise once I settle in San Diego I will give 110% of my attention to you folks!

Shirt/CamisaAmerican Eagle
Shoes/Zapatos| Ferragamo
Trousers/Pantalones | Obey Clothing
Sunglasses/Lentes de Sol Ray-Ban


  1. Precisamente estoy igual ahora que me ando mudando, con la vida patas arriba! Pero bueno, ya habrá tiempo de dedicarle más tiempo al blog, primero prioridades, por acá te esperamos! Me fascinó la camisa! Suerte y ánimo con todo lo que hagas!


  2. Que chula la camisa, ánimos !!!!


  3. Cool Shirt !! ✌



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