Off Duty

March 14, 2014

This week has been full of interviews, trips, and decisions! 

I have running off like a chicken with its head off. I just began school and already I am swamped with homework for both my Intermediate Finance and Intermediate Economics classes. On Wednesday we were going to take off to Cali but I landed an interview at work for a position in Payroll (which I'm super excited!) so I met with the folks at Amex last night and I'm confident it all went a-ok. 

Today we got to San Diego were my wife interviewed for a Social Media position for a modeling agency. We visited Seaport Village just like we did when we began dating and enjoyed some well-made Mexican food. 

When I'm in a rush or running from point A to point B, I like to layer my outfit to better progress the day. Temperatures in the morning can be chilly, so throwing a sweater and a jacket is always an excellent choice. When it starts to get hot, I simply leave both my shirt and sweater on. On those casual days, colorful and playful shoes are on top of the list. I accidentally spilled Clorox on these Van's sneakers, so I dipped the front portion of each sneaker in Clorox to give it an "ombre" effect. 

When you're on the run how do you tend to dress? 
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Enjoy your weekend!

Jacket/Chamarra | American Eagle Outfitters
Button Shirt/Camisa | Modern Amusement
Sweater/Sueter | Zara
Pants/Pantalones | Obey Clothing

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