One Last Time

September 14, 2017

Photos by Henry Young

Guyssss!!! Ugh, I'm so bummed that I didn't post this look anytime better late than never (ok, ok, better for me to post right now versus posting this NEXT summer!)

Remember that super short trip I took to NYC back in August? Well, it was kind of hot and I curated this outfit all last minute with some of the stuff I had packed. I LOVE this shirt from Topman: its super tropical and you can wear it all year round! I decided to play it cool and I threw along these shorts from Asos and a bandana wrapped around my hair (since it was kind of hot and my hair was a mess).

The shirt is sold out at Nordstrom, but you might be able to still find it through Topman Online + retail stores. Here's some of the shirts I liked that kind of give me the same vibe of this shirt:

What do you think?! 

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