February 6, 2017

Photos by Henry Young

Happy Monday y'all! I am soon glad to be back home after a week-long trip to both New York City and San Francisco. I had the time of my life out in NYC; I definitely enjoyed my time out in the city along with my good friend (and photographer) Henry. The trip was a breeze, we made its to the city on Sunday and we began shooting looks for various brands the very same night!

Here's the recap for Day 1, which include my outfits and photos from my favorite outfits/shows.

Uri Minkoff: The simplicity of the outfits along with the choice of colors really won me over. Henry used to be a semi-pro cyclist (for Audi San Diego), so of course this was his favorite show! 

Kramer & Stoudt: this had to be my FAVORITE presentation. The California ease and New York precision won me over. The choice in colors plus the bandanas made this my favorite presentation. I probably stayed inside the presentation longer because I was obsessed with everything. 

David Hart: The presentation showcased a variety of suits perfect for any occasion. This plaid suit was my fave. 

Maiden Noir: Brought some serious vintage vibes in their collection. The pastel colors combined with dark and edgy pieces really made it everything look so cool! (Bonus points for the presentation!)

Private Policy: was all about blues and grays. The tops were pretty cool, very ideal to wear during the Fall in San Diego!

By Robert James: had such an awesome presentation! The "protesting" theme really drew my attention, of course with the dark hues. The outfit shown in the middle was my favorite. 

Wood House: the simply "standard" pieces such as bombers and hoodies really caught my eye. The front row has the sickest outfits!

Thought the shows I got the chance to hang out with my LA-based friends Eff Ulloa (@eff.ulloa and @mensfashionpost) Eric Jess (@ericjess) and Chris Burt-Allan (@chrisburtallan) from Western Australia. 

Morning/Afternoon Outfit:

Evening outfit:



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