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October 10, 2016

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Photos by Henry Young

It's that time of the year...I'm talking about parties, events, and the chill weather! I know I've been through a "wardrobe transition", but you can't keep me away from blazer and ties forever. 

I feel that a burgundy suit is a MUST in every dude's wardrobe; not only can you pair it with different tones, but you can also break it apart and wear the blazer with a pair of pants or the pants with a denim jacket (very a la casual boardwalk xD) 

I was so happy when Express sent this suit straight to my door...and of course, I made time to shoot this look with Henry. Being the CASUAL me, I wanted to break the "formal" aspect with a sick golden (and shiny) tie I bought years ago, working my retail days at Forever 21. On my weekly rotation, you can find Taft's Gable kicks in brown; I love these bad boys and they get my nothing but compliments everywhere I go (shop for a pair here!) 

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  1. I love your entire outfit! and the shoes look totally sick!



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