August 18, 2016

Photos by Esmirna Tapia and yours truly
I'm Wearing


What sparks your creativity? This is a very common question I receive as a menswear blogger. My answer happens to stay the same after all these years: my creativity comes from the random actions and random places. I don't seek creativity, I let creativity find me one way or another.

I've partnered with Creative Recreation to showcase some looks featuring Fall 2016. For this campaign I wanted to take it back to my beginnings... back to when Esmirna would shoot my pics and we would go out to these random locations to create content. I've been wearing all three pairs of kicks from CR ever since I got them! CR knows how to create unique and distinguished sneakers that suit any lifestyle. I've been a huge fan of the fan and I was thrilled to work for them while I was out having fun at Coachella.

Make sure to check out their Fall Collection by clicking here, and see some of these photos featured through social media.

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