What To Wear Where: Events Around Town

December 20, 2015

Denim Jacket American Eagle Outfitters (Size S)
Sweater American Eagle Outfitters (Size S)
Corduroy Pants c/o Banana Republic (Size 30)
Boots c/o Thursday Boots
Sunglasses Zero UV

Photos by Henry Young
Woah! It's almost Christmas!!! I've been running up and down pretty much everywhere; errands, trips back home, events...I am waiting for xmas eve to get here to take some time off! There's a few days were I've been skipping those dressy blazers and sticking to my signature denim jackets. 

With events around town, its always best to keep it casual, but of course, not TOO casual. The folks over at Thursday Boots Co. sent me these rad boots, and by far they're one of my favorites in my closet! They are comfortable, and can be used for pretty much any adventure on your list, even hiking!

Check out Esmirna's blog here and see how your girl can dress up to coordinate with your look!

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Happy Holidays,

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