April 28, 2015


Photos by Henry Young

I'm not one who likes to go with the Status Quo; I'm loud, a total dork, a nerd, and I have NO FILTER. With that being said, this shoot came out of the blue with this sick penny board (I was dying to use in the streets of San Diego) and this short-sleve shirt from Forever 21. Randomness at its finest

* * *

Not to trash anyone, I've noticed that many bloggers stick to a protocol; posting what people expect of them and they tend to take a stroll through the same road. I would find it DUMB to brand myself as a "menswear & lifestyle" blogger if it meant lying and hiding who I truly am. I've enjoyed meeting people that like my style and what I bring to the table. What I post on my blog & social media is a reflection of what I enjoy. Same with reviews, if I say "I like XYZ" is because even though fifty percent of the time I might be working with a brand/product, I only do so based on the fact that I REALLY stand behind such product/brand! Trust me, I've turned down products and brands that I know are not my cup of tea.

 Sure, there might be some that disagree with my brand (and what I represent), and I am totally OK with that. I've come to learn that I am me, and I can't possibly please everyone. Yeah…just like I turned into the "black sheep" of the family after not continuing the studies in Orthodontics/Dentistry like my mom and over half of her siblings. Telling them that I liked working with numbers and money vs. teeth was a tough blow, but again, I worry about doing what I want with my life, (& they eventually got over it.) 

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Que pasen un bonito Mártes,


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