Effortless Looks Using Leather Goods

February 4, 2015

 Shirt Courtesy of American Eagle | Jeans Pacsun Shoes Aldo | Rings Topman | Planner Savers* Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Photos by Esmirna Tapia from

I gotta say; I've been loving the new life in San Diego! lots of vegetation and colorful buildings around each corner, beaches are within minutes, and I'm closer to my family and friends! This weekend we went out to shoot looks for each of our blogs, along with some other errands. Originally, I wasn't going to shoot any looks, and started getting dressed to hit the town. After shooting Esmirna, I looked into my outfit and I liked the unintentional use of leather in both my planner and my pair of Aldo shoes. I stopped at a random corner, and decided to shoot my look. 

Button shirts are always a step up from dressing TOO casual; you give yourself a polished look, without trying too hard. Speaking of not trying to hard, a pair of ripped denim jeans gives it a bit of style and screams out that you look awesome, but you weren't even trying to play the part.

My planner was one of my last finds at Saver's in Arizona. Paid about $2 for it and I'm in love with it! If it's made out of leather, (i.e. belts, bracelets, wallets) I probably own it!

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Happy Hump Day!

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