Heat Waves

August 21, 2014

Just eight more days till I hit the big island of Hawaii and I take advantage of some days off! I have been busier than ever, school finals, traveling back and forth from AZ to CA, and shopping around for clothes for Hawaii. With so much to do on my plate, time is extremely limited, and photo sessions have been pushed back!

I threw out a last-minute outfit and probably shot it within 3 minutes. Many of my photos have been taken outside my mother's house in Calexico, in the insane 115 degree weather! I promise, next week, you guys will have such a variety of photos to compensate my lack of posting, lol!

Shirt/Camisa| Hollister
Jeans/Pantalones | Asos
Sneakers/Tenis  | Converse
Necklace/Collar | American Eagle
Eyeglasses/Anteojos | Ray-Ban


  1. Qué bueno que has vuelto, siempre es interesante ver tus propuestas, me encanta el collar y el color azul tan intenso de esos jeans!!!!


  2. This is a great outfit Alex. Love the ensemble. And please I'm already following your blog. :)

  3. Siempre con tu estilo casual impecable !!!!! me encanta la propuesta.


  4. cool look! tnx for stopping by my blog! followed back :)

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