"Eye" Love Warby Parker

July 24, 2014

If you keep a close eye on my blog and on my Instagram account @thecasualboardwalk, you will notice in a heartbeat the love and appreciation I have for eyewear. Prescription eyeglasses hang on my face all day, and my daily commute to work along with the weekly drives to Cali entail me having a pair of sunglasses inside my car at all times. 

I came across such an awesome brand, Warby Parker. The brand offers one-of-a-kind pieces
for both men and women, with unique colors at reasonable prices. With eyewear starting at $95, it gives me more of a reason to stock up on multiple pairs to use along with my different outfits and occasions. 

Other than the awesome eyewear, I'm in love with the fact that their pieces are made in 
New York City.  To top it off, for every pair you buy, Warby Parker gives a pair to people in need (#gnarly)

"EYE" leave you with the new Beacon Collection
This just came out today and I was able to score some amazing pictures, courtesy of Warby Parker, to showcase the well-thought collection. Being a Southern California native, sunglasses are essential to hit the beach or make a walk down the various boardwalks ;)

Oak Barrel

Offers a mix of retro and modern. I love the detailing of the shape of the lenses, along with the bright brown pallet. 

Revolver Black

By far, these are my favorite sunglasses from the new Beacon Collection. The lens is not to big nor too small, and the tint is just right (not too dark nor to transparent). I would take these to Mission Bay or Imperial Beach any day of the year. I would be able to see perfectly on those sunny days AND those cloudy days (and yes, I wear sunglasses when it's cloudy, force of habit!)

Tiger Tortoise 

I usually stay away from eyeglasses whose tints are not black. I think I've made my exception. The gnarly contrast between the color of the frame and the light tint of these glasses make the perfect contrast and awesome "color-blocking" combination. It would only be appropriate to say I'd give these a "100 out of 100" when it comes to color execution, sizing, and overall appeal.

Don't forget to make your way to and check the rest of the collection. These unique pieces make such a great gift for both women and men. Let me hear your thoughts on the collection and check my Instagram account @thecasualboardwalk for more photos on the new Beacon collection!


  1. awesome , my faves revolver black ✌

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