Lazy Day Afternoon

February 20, 2014

Sorry I haven't posted much these past few days, there's been a ton going on! My wife took off to Las Vegas for the MAGIC Event at the Convention Center, I've been swamped with schoolwork since my Management class ends next week, and I made a last minute decision to pick up my wife in Vegas and spend the weekend shooting and perhaps hitting the casinos and stores? 

Anyways, I was saving this outfit for a special occasion. I have what I like to call my "lazy days." These lazy days consist of me wanting to stay in bed, watch some TV and tune out the real world for a moment. Truth be told with so much going on that day will probably never exist! However, the laziness might carry over on how I dress. I'd hate to be the guy who has to run errands in flip flops and some shirt that's been sitting in your closet for the past 5 years. 

To be lazy without looking "lazy" I recommend the basics: a hoodie and a beanie. I actually have no shirt underneath the hoodie so eh, makes it pretty comfortable. To tie in the look I threw my favorite pair of Levi's and Steve Madden leather sneakers.

If you're lazy dress decently, there's no need to look sloppy! 

Hoodie/Sudadera Topman
Beanie/Gorra | H&M
Jeans/Pantalones | Levi's
Sneakers/Tenis | Steve Madden



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