My Daily Essentials

January 15, 2014

Here's a look into what I carry on a daily basis to meet all my needs!

1. Eyeglasses- Working so much in front of computers kind of took a toll on my vision for the past year and a half.One of the perks of health insurance is that I get new frames each year and pay little to nothing. Since I got the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers last year, I decided to purchase these Persol Eyeglasses. I got these from and only paid $60!

2.Carmex- Thank the Lord for Carmex! I've tried Chapstick, Burt's Bees and none of them work like Carmex.

3. My Wedding Band- I gotta showcase my commitment to my other half <3

4.iPhone- This one's a no-brainer. I can contact my family and friends back in the Golden States with the a simple touch! This baby functions as my gateway to Facebook, Instagram, Lookbook, and of course The Casual Boardwalk.

5.Zomig Rapimelt- I suffer from chronic headaches/migraines. I have tried just about any pill and a few years ago I found Maxalt (sold in the US.) After switching health insurance carries to doctors in Mexico, I found the alternative to Maxalt. Though it might be a bit pricey, this "Use in case of a severe headache" pill never fails. For Approximately $22USD you can purchase a 2-pack box. 

6.Louis Vuitton Wallet- Sorry, I carry NO CASH. Inside you can find at least one debit and credit card, my driver's license, my school ID, and my Costco card to pump some gas.

7. Keys- Well…if I hit the mall, a thrift shop, work, or visit Cali I need my car keys…duh! (I gotta say, VW keys are weird.)

8.Perfume- Guys make sure y'all are making an effort to look sharp and smell great! If you're like me, you have a ton of perfumes and a "I don't use this perfume so often because is special" bottle. This was given by my best friend/best man back in 2011, (tear.)

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